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Chaperone Policy

Scotland Aeromedical is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where clients can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and that the safety of everyone is paramount.
All clients will be treated as individuals and have their dignity and privacy respected at all times in accordance with the current guidelines issued by the General Medical Council.
All clients are entitled to have a Chaperone present for any consultation, examination or procedure where they feel one is required. The Chaperone will be suitably trained and acceptable to both the examining doctor and client.
A relative or friend of the client is not an impartial observer and so would not usually be a suitable chaperone, however, we are happy to comply with a reasonable request to have such a person present as well as a chaperone if the client wishes it.
Chaperone’s roles and responsibilities
The Chaperone will in all cases:
Be sensitive and respect the client’s dignity, privacy and confidentiality.
Be familiar with the procedures involved in a routine examination.
Stay for the whole examination if required.
Be able to see what the doctor is doing, if practical, at all times.
Be prepared to raise concerns if they are concerned about the doctor’s behaviour or actions at any time.
Procedure for requesting a Chaperone
All clients will be able to read our chaperone policy on the website at the time of booking their appointment and should a chaperone be required; they should request a chaperone at the time of booking using the contact page on the website. In the event that a suitable Chaperone is not available at the time of your appointment, and either you, or the examining doctor, do not want the examination to go ahead without a chaperone present, your medical may need to be postponed to a later date when a suitable Chaperone will be present.
Please address any concerns, queries or comments regarding this Chaperone Policy to:
Dr Maged Girgis,
Tel +44 7700 152939

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