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Scotland Aeromedical Price List

Medical Examinations

Class 1, 2 or 3 UK or EASA medicals                                     £250 (plus additional tests if required*)

Please note that EASA medicals are currently only carried out at our AYR clinic.

UK CAA Cabin Crew medical                                                 £150

EASA cabin crew medical                                                       £200

Airside Driver Medical                                                             £150

Fitness to Fly consultation including casework         £150

Cardiovascular risk assessment (Q risk) appointment including cholesterol check (required by CAA for pilots who 

have treated hypertension)                                                      £80

Class 1, 2 and 3 Additional tests* (if required)

ECG                                                                                          £75

Audiometry                                                                               £50                                                                              

Haemoglobin                                                                            £20

Cholesterol                                                                               £20

ECG reporting by cardiologist

(if required under regulatory protocol)                                     £50

Review of reports, casework and liaison with

CAA will be charged at £100 per 30 minutes            £100 

Drug and Alcohol test required for every 10th EASA class 1 or 2  medical (applies to Maltese certificate holders only and this is not required for UK or other EASA states) will be charged at £50 for the initial alcohol and drug screen only. The confirmatory lab analysis of positive results will be charged at cost.                                                                                                        

If applying for a UK CAA and EASA medical at the same time then only one set of medical charges apply, however, an additional £50 admin fee will be payable to cover the additional paperwork.

* Additional tests may be required for Class 1 and 2 medicals- please refer to the CAA validity table link below for further information.

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